cat whisperer (iniswitryn) wrote in neonewbies,
cat whisperer

intro post

Hi all. I'm not a newbie; I'm an "oldbie". I've been playing Neopets off and on for 4+ years. As long as this community consists of newcomers who are genuinely interested in Neopets, and not n00bs or scammers who just want to annoy and cheat other players, I'm happy to be a member and offer what help I can. :)

One thing I won't do is give out any account-identifying information, and I would advise others to do likewise unless community membership is moderated and any account-referencing posts are friendslocked. While it seems like Neopets-oriented LJ communities in general are less n00b/scammer-prone than the boards on Neopets, some players have had their Neopets accounts targeted for scamming and pet "poundsitting" because they revealed such information on LJ in posts that could be read by anyone. Not to be unduly paranoid - but let the user beware.
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